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P.L. - Canada said:
I found this unit of teaching special groups to be quite helpful. The teaching I am hoping to do would be in a multilingual, beginning, adult classroom. There were great reminders about the importance of using only English in the classroom, and suggestions for how to make that most successful. It sounds like a multilingual classroom has an advantage when it comes to an English only setting, since English would be the one common denominator. There was a reminder to explain the importance of the English only philosophy, and to be aware of my own physical placement, in that compliance is more likely when the teacher in around. I also found the section of Business English to be very Enlightening, in that no prior specific knowledge of the business world was necessary, and in fact if you possess it you should feign ignorance so that the student can explain their work to you in English. Of course, I also gleaned that it is best to go in with some knowledge of what the company does and its competitors, even you you cannot possess the technical knowledge of their work. All in all a great unit for a student who is trying to decide what sort of group she would like to teach.