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T.M. - U.S.A. said:
This unit covered the various steps for appropriate course development as well as some of the available professional examinations for business English language learners. To begin developing a course you'll start with an initial meeting, either with the company directly or with the students attending a language school as the intermediary, since this will depend on your working situation. After this it's necessary to have the students take a placement test in order to correctly group the students by level, although it may not always be possible to separate groups depending on schedules and availability, which means you will need to work to develop your course with a mixed level group. It's also important to conduct a needs analysis to help inform the development of the syllabus for the course. A needs analysis can tell you what areas to focus on during the course that will be specific to the working needs of the group such as planning lessons for writing and speaking for presentations or lessons for writing emails and answering telephone inquiries. When creating the syllabus you'll need to plan for some flexible hours if reviewing is necessary as well as some time for testing (progress and achievement tests) and a end of course evaluation. One other very useful recommendation mentioned in this unit is to be sure to keep good records on all your students' progress and work to report to the company when needed, but also for your own records of lesson plans or for future student recommendations.