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M.B. - Italy said:
Some of the most common problem situations that a teacher may face are: - First lesson. Teachers should avoid using the workbook and instead they need to build a rapport with the classroom. They should also try to learn as much as possible about the students, their needs and their level of English. - Warmers. These are usually short and fun activities that will get the students motivated, involved and using English. In an ESA lesson the engage phase is often used as a warmer. - Different levels. Teachers should avoid having the stronger students getting bored and/or the weakest students being left behind. Some ideas would be to use different materials for each level or do different activities but with the same materials. Teachers can also pair weaker students with stronger ones. - Large classes. Teachers can use worksheets or divide students into smaller groups to run activities. - Use of native language. Teachers should make sure that activities are at an appropriate level, always give clear instructions and always respond in English. - Reluctant students.To get reluctant students involv, teachers can try role play activities, pair work activities or controlled practice. - Dificulties with listening texts. Teachers have to make sure that it is not due to a technical problem (poor sound quality or volume too low). A solution can be to pre-teach some difficult key words.