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C.S. - U.S.A. said:
Unit 5 involves managing classes with an initial emphasis on eye contact, good gestures, voice control and student names. Class management skills involve organizing and managing the class in a relaxed and friendly manner while maintaining discipline. Grouping students involves various factors related to whole-class, students working on their own, pair work and group work. Classroom arrangement depends on factors such as space available, type of chairs and tables, age, nationality and personality. There are different typical arrangements for students such as orderly rows, circles and horseshoes and separate tables and consideration as to the teacher?s position also apply. Suggestions were made for writing on the board while maintaining attention, giving individual attention, balancing teacher talk time and student talk time, giving instructions with simple language, consistency, visual clues and checking comprehension, establishing a rapport and lastly maintaining disciple. The last portion included reasons for problem behavior, preventative measures and responses if problems continue to arise. These topics were well presented and very instructive of the multiple tools at the teacher?s disposal and I feel I have gained new insights into these areas.