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R.S. - Luxembourg said:
Unit 2 \"Teaching and Learning\" contained information about, well, teaching and learning. No seriously it does but it also includes topics such as the pros and cons of groups vs. one to one classes, Organizing groups into skill levels, \"Productive and Receptive\" skills, i.e. speaking, writing, talking and reading. These are the important skills we aim to teach, each skill has its own lesson methodology tailored for it, but how the lesson is taught can be done in a wide variety of ways, specially if you take into consideration Howard Garden's \"theory of multiple intelligence\". Each lesson can be created independently for the different types of learners. i think this would benefit one to one classes the most because it would probably take too long to identify each students individual strong-suit. The last bit of unit 2 was about teaching methods, which add even more possibilities to lesson planning and execution. Grammar translation, silent method, audio lingual-ism (the military method is what i like to call it) PPP, communicative teaching, and Engage, Study, Activate! ESA being my favorite, it reminds me of being in school, starting out class with a game to get everyone's attention will always seem like a fun idea, even if that game is hangman or shiritori, a Japanese word game using only English words. this unit gave me a lot of ideas for future lesson plans and gave me a bit of an idea for whats to come! thanks ITTT! unit 3 here i come!