TESOL Ibadan

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S. B. – U.S.A. said:
The techniques and considerations described in this unit emphasize how management of the class directly impacts learning. It appears that, without having strong management skills, teaching English would be far less effective. Specifically, developing good rapport with the entire class, individual students, and among peers are vital and yet underlying basis for teaching. Some of the techniques discussed, such as voice, gestures, eye contact, opportune moments in use of students names, and even how to arrange the class room, created an understanding of the dynamics of a real-life classroom and realistic teaching environment. Additionally, the section regarding maintaining discipline in the classroom was particularly inspiring in that it essentially demonstrated how emotional intelligence and consistency are vital in any relationship and context. In a classroom environment, the teacher must always set the example and maintain objectivity. Being consistent, punctual, and in control allows the teacher to be credible. In turn, this ideal classroom environment allows the students to feel safe enough to develop rapport and truly learn.