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B.G. – U.S.A. said:
Theories methods and techniques provides a gateway of learning English as a second language. There are several methods to facilitate understanding English such as grammar translation; learning English by finding equivalents in one's native language and be learned. Audio-lingualism;learning based on habit formation through conditioning. This is done through repetition of the language until it is learned. PPP which is better to teach beginners-pre intermediate levels. This is done through demonstration, practice and production of the new language. Others include task-based learning, communicative language teaching, community language learning, suggestopaedia, lexical approach and the silent way. All the methods are geared towards introducing English to respective student level. Students must be engaged into the new language through various activities, discuss and study the material then activate what is learnt through practising the used of the new language. This can incorporate various fun techniques suited for any learning level. The ESA (Engage, Study and Activate) focuses on the introduction, practise and proper use of English producing correct pronunciation, spelling, meaning and analysis of the use of their new language.