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O.K. - China said:
In this unit I learned about lesson plans. There are 4 main reasons (as seen on the video) the teacher should create a lesson plan, 1. to create logical sequence and structure for the lesson so that the teacher has time before class to plan out each phase of the lesson, 2. it allows the teacher to make a working document to refer to during the lesson if the teacher loses focus, 3. to form a record of what has been taught and what materials have been used, and 4. to give direction to a substitute teacher in case the teacher is sick. I also learned that there is a lot of planning involved in designing the lesson plan, for example forming and writing down the learner objectives meaning what the student should learn and be able to do by the end of the class session. Also, I was unaware that a good teacher should also write down the teacher aims asking him/herself \"what am I expecting?\" for example, to complete an entire lesson , improve my board work, reduce teacher-student talk time. It is also helpful at the end of the class for the teacher to write down observations and self-assessment so that s/he can aim for improvements in those areas for the next class. A good idea during the lesson planning is for the teacher to write down and address \"anticipated problems\". For example, the teacher can anticipate student problems with pronunciation and have a solution for this which would be to do more drilling with the class.