TESOL Jianyang

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N.O. - Saudi Arabia said:
This unit actually delves in the core of the ESL teaching learning process. Mastering the grammar and structure of the English language without knowing how to disseminate this material may not seem enough as every successful teacher should be better equipped with ways, techniques and methods of teaching that will surely go a long way in making the entire process worth enjoyable to both the teacher and learners. This unit therefore extensively handles the different methods of teaching which stems from the most traditional grammar translation method to the suggestopeadia method of teaching as well as the lexical approach. It therefore makes mention of the different types of learners teachers make come across and how to better tailor the teaching materials to suit them. It equally suggests different methods of teaching like the Engaged Study and Activate (ESA) method where the teacher sets the ball rolling with a series of learning activities to capture the learners' attention and concludes by suggesting a rich bank of games from which the ESL teacher may always rely on for a successful and interesting class.