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G.K. - U.S.A. said:
Tenses are like a referee who oversees a match to a halt or gives a smooth go ahead in every game.They tell us what time an action is done or is to be done and paints a picture of it on our minds.The wrong usages of tenses will automatically change the sense of a sentence or its a vague statement without any meanings.In the present tense ,affirmative,negative or questions statements were detailly elaborated to give teachers or correct some teachers and learners to pay attention to these areas.For example,we work,we don't work or do we work are some examples.How to form the third person singular,habitual or routine actions,present continuous and a lot more were explained.Some typical students errors or mistakes they make,using verb that do not use the present continuous form,like \" i have been knowing her for three months,comparison,sample activate stage teaching ideas were all elaborated.If teachers or students both master this unit well,in addition to their vocabulary,though they are learning as a second language,they are on a good footing towards the positive completion of the course.We must keep this behind our minds that,all parts of English are of prime importance in a language,once one part is lacking or wrongly used,the sentence either becomes a vague statement or something else.