TESOL Jintan

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J.G. – U.S.A. said:
Through this unit, I've learned about the pros and cons of different teaching methodologies. Exploring historical development of language teaching methods was quite interesting. I feel that I have to develop myself more in the ESA methodology. Engage stage ? For the engage and activate stage, it is better to keep correction at minimum; the idea is to encourage communication, not diminish confidence levels and mitigate it. Allow the student also the first chance at correcting their own mistake, then a classmate?s mistake. This way the teacher will not have had to correct too many mistakes Study stage ? If it is a particularly common error that the whole class is making, and no one has yet corrected their mistake, and classmates have not corrected it either, act confused and write it on the board. Allow for a logical flow pattern, and do not outwardly correct ? try to see if they can come to the conclusion on their own. Activate stage ? Act the end of activity, give encouragement, and also comment on some of the more common errors when and if necessary.