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M.L. - Philippines said:
Unit 20, titled \"Troubleshooting\" was about common problems that arise when teaching groups of students and how to solve them. The first common problem was the awkwardness and lack of motivation in the first lesson. This problem is solved by establishing a rapport with the students and using a warmer such as Pictionary to spark interest. The second problem discussed was that when teaching different levels of students the best performers can get bored and the worst performers can get frustrated. The boredom of fast learners is treated with giving additional tasks so that the fast learners have something to do while the slow learners catch up. The frustration slow learners experience is allayed with being paired with fast learners. I learned that it is important to use listening texts even if the students don't like them. A way to increase motivation for listening texts is to pre-teach troubling vocabulary and base an activity on the listening text. In conclusion, unit 20 went over problem solving techniques useful when students' learning experiences are hindered.