TESOL Jiyuan

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F. H. - U.S.A. said:
This video provided contrast between a good and bad example of how a teacher's attitude towards the class can effect the effectiveness of the class. This includes how prepared he is, how well he communicates the lesson material in an understandable way, and how much he cares about building a good rapport with the students so they are encouraged to learn more effectively. Personally, from my own experience, there have been a few times where certain situations have caused me in one way or another, in a similar manner to the first teacher. I have then, learned how to improve myself when I realize I could have done better. However, I really found it helpful to see for myself the direct contrast between the two situations so that I could analyze what is needed to improve my own methods and level of preparedness. I have had almost no opportunity in the time I've worked here, due to teaching schedules, to sit in and observe the other teachers at work. I believe the thing that I learned the most out of these 2 videos is the contrast between how more friendly and interested the students are when things are explained clearly, and the mechanics are shown on the board; as well as how the atmosphere in the room was much more oppressive when the teacher didn't know the names of the students.