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This unit has taught me about the different tests that are used in Learning English as a Foreign Language. Studying this unit, I have come to realise that it is important to give progress tests to the students which is something that I believe I have overlooked. I think it's important because it helps you to know how the students are doing individually, and if you need to go over any prior topics. This unit has also given me an example of a very useful placement test which could come in handy for future tutoring or classes.In order to improve our general knowledge as growing teachers, and in regard this specific future tense matter, it is essential to reinforce concepts looking forward a better understanding and also because it is our duty to always provide accurate and meaningful answers to our student's inquiries. We usually take for granted what we know, but by taking a look back to our academic background we can see that is not only about knowing something, but to understand its fundations and to be able to explain them in a coherent way.