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This unit covered the different teaching materials that are available to ESL teachers. It was a nice review of past units, since previous units always showed what kinds of materials the teacher could use at a specific stage of the ESA lesson. For instance, worksheets are useful for the study stage, whereas a tape or CD recording could be used as a listening exercise in the engage stage. However, this recording could also be used in the study stage when looking at specific new terms. One thing I had never heard about before was interactive whiteboards (IWB), so that was new for me.This unit focused more on how to teach the language, as opposed to the specifics of the language. It reiterated the typical structures of a lesson, for example, straight arrow, boomerang or patchwork, and gave examples of activities that should be used at each stage of these structures. There is a pattern of how to teach each aspect of learning the new language, and the activities are similar for each stage. And with every lesson it is vital to start with the 'engage' phase and finish with the 'activate' stage, in between these two there is more freedom to move around with the lesson.