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This section was about coursebooks and lesson materials. Personally I like using course books to guide the syllabus, but I feel this is because I don't have the experience or knowledge yet to create my own syllabus. Despite liking coursebooks using extra material is vital to keep students engaged and to help them connect their learned language to the real world. Using extra material adds a change of pace from the coursebook, often causing students to be curious what the sheets or exercises the teacher is handing out.This unit on tests and evaluations teaches us about the different methods for testing students, how and when to conduct certain tests. It is a concise, helpful unit; fairly straightforward. I found some of the questions on this test however to be a bit 'random' ( e.g. question 6 and 10). I also would have liked a bit more information on constructing/creating tests or measures for evaluation and also on grading. With multiple choice this is very obvious, but in grading essays or papers, this is often more challenging.