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This unit focuses on the ideas and problems when managing a class. For teachers, they should pay attetion to their eye contact, gesture and voice. For the classroom, there are several to place the positions of students and teahcers,which is also changeable as there are several ways to group students. Finally, the relationship between students and teachers is discussed. Teachers should not only maintain discipline but also establish rapport among students. In my opinion, the special point of this unit is the adjustment of STT and TTT, which varies among each phase of ESL teaching.As times have changed,even the teaching aids have to change to follow progress and tecnology.When teaching a language that is new to the students,I find that if a teacher can use an aid that makes the lesson more effective and fun and allows him or her to depend less on the textbook well I accept all sorts of different teaching aids.Obviously teachers have to learn how to use IWBs or OHPs so that students won't lose interest during the lesson.Students will interact more and are also more involved in activities that are completed with usage of DVDs,CDs,video cameras,computers etc.