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This unit was not easy. The content cannot be naturally learned by using the language or by having teaching experience. I have studied this long time ago, and I could still remember some of it but had to really study, no intuitive figuring things out. It is very useful though to see, and to learn phonetics as a system that can be taught. Teaching pronunciation is fun and I think that students do care and it can raise their confidence in using spoken English to know more about how to pronounce English words correctly.Pronunciation and phonology are quite challenging topics. Students have to familiarise themselves with the concept of stress, rhythm and intonation. Intonation is the variation in volume in the whole sentence, while stress is related to single words or syllables. The International Phonetic Alphabet is also a very helpful tool, that students can use, as spelling and pronunciation of words are different in English. Once the students are familiar with this alphabet, they should be able to pronounce the words correctly.