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This unit gave an overview of pronunciation and phonology in the English language, both of which can be problematic for new English speakers. It is an area of the language often taken for granted as things such as intonation and different stresses come so naturally after using them for so long. I found the international phonetic alphabet a bit challenging but the examination of how all the different sounds are made by the interaction of the six speech organs extremely interesting and informative.If there is anything that a teacher must have, it has to be flexibility. This unit suggests techniques that will be a guide on the first day of class to establish rapport, set the class expectations and evaluate students as well. We must be prepared, even over-prepared always because the results are satisfying nomatter what group we may handle. Overall, I appreciate the TESOL course that I have taken with ITTT. I may need to review on the technical side but as they say \"practice makes perfect\".