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As with the previous grammar units, this one was again fascinating to learn the fundamental behind something I do so naturally every day. I am becoming to fully understand why some say English is the hardest to learn. While the small number of rules gives the illusion of simplicity, it is anything but simple, requiring a lot of memorization of all the rule exceptions and irregularities. Trying to memorize all the irregular verbs on top of trying to learn all the ways to use the rules can be a daunting task, I am sure.A teacher's attitude will influence the class's participation greatly. As teachers, we should be positive and encouraging. We should also devote our time and energy to students in the class, even while they are working on the worksheet. Only when we pay attention to students will the students feel willing to participate in the class more. Otherwise, the students will feel bored and uninterested and the class will be boring as well. A teacher should also explain the terms well so the students can understand better.