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This unit discussed different types of equipment and teaching aids used in the classroom. It gave a detailed description of over 10 different pieces of equipment such as whiteboards, overhead projectors, CD players, VCR/DVD players, dictionaries, and more. Advantages and disadvantages of most were discussed. The unit also talked about things to consider before using some of the equipment. The unit ended by giving lists of different websites for tools such as dictionaries, videos, literature, etc.In this unit I have learned about the basic principles of lesson planning - keeping it simple, not scripting the whole lesson, writing the anticipated time, keeping it flexible. I have learned that teachers should plan their lessons, so there is a logical sequence but planning also helps the teacher to be organized- arranging the sitting, making sure we have all materials, checking if the equipment works. This unit showed me how to plan a lesson that is practical and easy to use in the classroom.