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Overall, I love this topic as it shows how the previous units are useful in the actual situation. In this unit, it shows the two video lessons which the first lesson showed the teacher being discouraging, demanding, assuming, and not making any effort to understand the students. However in the second video, it showed the teacher to be very lively, encouraging, making an effort to know everyone as well as giving many prompts and clear explanations. In the secong video, the teacher also followed a good flow of lesson so as to allow the students to better grasp the idea of can and can't. The students were also more willing to participate as they felt encouraged and could understand better what was taught. The usage of pictures, actions and gestures were a great support in helping the teacher to explain certain concepts. Hence overall, the second video showed a better teaching style compared to the first video, however, the teacher should give a better explanation on the creation of the imaginary animal as many students misunderstood that activity.