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Unit 17 on Equipment and Teaching Aids went into depth on the 15 different tools that could be leveraged to aid in classroom instruction. For each tool, the unit went into details concerning when the tool should and could be used and why it is helpful. In addition, there were some tips and tricks to ensuring a smooth lesson with using certain tools. For example, it is important to get the proper training and have a back-up plan when you plan to use an interactive whiteboard in a lesson.Teaching all levels of learners requires an immeasurable diligence, skills, patience, knowledge and flexibility. May it be teaching the young beginner learners to the business people (professionals) or we call it English for Specific Purposes (ESP), it all considered worthwhile and rewarding. Teachers and learners at some point become part of the learning process, to which they impart learning and knowledge between and among them. They become part of each others life worth remembering.