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By watching the two unit 10 videos, (of the same teacher teaching the same lesson/material) firstly; doing the opposite of all guidelines and advice from units 3,5,7 & 9. Secondly doing everything according to the textbook, the reactions from the students totally validate all the guidelines and advice contained in previous chapters for how to execute an effective lesson. Its quiet clear that students in the first lesson are not engaged, slightly intimidated, and of unsure of what they are being asked to do. This is the exact opposite of or aims in teaching.Receptive skills are important skills students need to constantly improve. Listening might present more difficulty than reading since it is not ?captured? on paper. Students need to focus more when listening than reading. A strategy that will help is presenting difficult text beforehand. Focusing on the difficult vocabulary will help make students? tasks easier. Their confidence will gradually increase the more they are exposed to vocabulary. Skills such as scanning, predicting and skimming will become easier as their knowledge of vocabulary broadens.