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This unit covers the more active or productive skills: speaking and writing. Many of the difficulties in motivating students to speak or write are the same for reading or listening; the main one being keeping them interested in the subject (which can be particularly difficult with grammar and spelling). Accuracy and fluency take a lead role in this unit as well. Accuracy is heavily focused on in the Study phase using drilling, grammar, spelling and penmanship. While, fluency is mostly used during the Activate phase to practice communicating more creatively.As we get deeper into grammatical content, we realise that it only gets more complex. Teaching modal auxiliary verbs, relative clauses, passive voice, and so on can prove very challenging, as students will find it increasingly so. It is important to provide clear examples of each and make sure that the content is understood before going to the next one. If necessary, we must review the content until we are positive that all the students understand it, in order to advance, or we will find ourselves with students with blanks and lagoons in lessons to come.