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Accuracy and fluency go hand in hand. Accuracy before and then fluency after mastery of the lesson for reinforcing what has been learned. Many unique and fun activities are available for these lessons and also easily incorporated in many others. Writing especially for Asian students must be very difficult as there is nothing familiar to build on. The Latin languages have a familiar alphabet eliminating the writing struggles penmanship brings.The unit also mentioned the lack of focus on writing because of reduced talk time due to the quiet nature of writing.THIS UNIT WAS A NICE REFRESHER COURSE. THERE ARE A LOT OF FUTURE TENSES, SOME THAT I DON'T USE OFTEN, BUT JUST AS IMPORTANT. MANY CHILDREN JUST STARTING TO LEARN ENGLISH, CAN ONLY EXPRESS IDEAS THAT ARE FUTURE SIMPLE TERMS. BUT THE OTHER TERMS ARE VERY IMPORTANT FOR THEM TO LEARN, AS IT WILL ENABLE THEM TO ADD COMPLEX IDEAS TO CONVERSATION. THESE FUTURE TENSES ARE ALSO IMPORTANT FOR CASUAL CONVERSATION WITH FRIENDS, ESPECIALLY WHEN MAKING/SPEAKING ABOUT FUTURE PLANS, PERHAPS FOR THE WEEKEND. THESE FUTURE TENSES ALLOW THEM TO SOUND MORE NATIVE WHEN SPEAKING.