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This unit was a bit intimidating. We are getting deeper into the process of instruction and student interaction. As a native speaker of English, it's easy for me to speak and understand. I can now see were it will be a slow and laborious process to teach an L2 to someone who wants to learn the new language. As previous units pointed out, some students learn faster than others. With the ESA process, I can see where everyone can learn and try to keep up. I say this unit was intimidating; it was, but it also makes me very excited for the moment to teach!In this unit we went through the teaching of pronunciation and phonology of the English language. Teaching pronunciation is probably one of the most important, though rather neglected aspect of the English language. Some teachers think it is not necessary to teach it, while other just don't have enough knowledge to do it. Intonation, stress, sound joining all of these are important if you want to understand the sense of a phrase or a sentence. Also knowledge of the articulation system can be rather helpful for those who are determined to speak correctly.