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This unit covers the essential basic grammar such as modal auxiliary verbs and passive voice in detail, and at the end of the unit it briefly covers phrasal verbs and relative causes. What I learned from this unit are the basic rules and use of modal auxiliary verbs also how they are expressed whether it is by obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, ability, or advice. I also learned that with the difference between a passive and active voice. With active voice you focus on the performer or doer, but with passive voice the performer or doer is much less important.This lesson is difficult with too many information, lengthy and unnecessary. Student can't remember technical terms. I have a hard time to understand and remember them. This lesson I learned something useful in phonetic, but I feel overwhelm with information. It's better to divide it into two lessons. The unit test also challenge to me, because I don't remember and understand what I read in the lesson. I don't know how much I got from this lesson, but it is difficult to understand and memorize technical terms. The last four phonetic questions are not good questions for the test.