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In unit 19, I learned what kinds of different groups there are and how to approach and teach them. There are many different kind of classes, such as individuals (teaching one-on-one), children, business classes, monolingual vs multilingual groups and different kinds of beginners. As a teacher, you should approach all of these groups in different ways, and consider the different needs of the students, possible problems, motivation levels, how to plan and evaluate a lesson or a course, materials and approach of a class i. For business students (clients) a needs analysis should be answered by the students in the beginning of a course to aid the teacher in lesson planning. The teacher also need to think about how to approach the class in general (as with any other kind of class) and consider things such as clothing and collected knowledge of the company the clients are working for. The unit listed a lot of \"do's and don'ts\" when teaching the different classes, as for example avoid to use the native language of the students in the classroom.