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This lesson covered conditional sentences and how to correctly identify and use direct and reported speech. There are five types of conditionals covered along with their form and usage. These five types are 0 conditionals, 1st, 2nd, 3rd conditionals, along with mixed conditionals. Direct speech is that which is initially spoken and is often in quotation marks, while indirect speech or reported speech is when that information is relayed to someone else. There are several changes that the speaker has to be aware of when reporting on speech, and this lesson covers those changes.Parts of speech are a very important aspects to consider and learn because they help me understand the why and how behind sentence structures. At the level of fluency that I speak English, I no longer have to think much about sentence structure because I am now aware when to use different parts of speech. However, for students at an elementary and intermediate level, it is imperative to learn when to use and how to combine nouns, pronouns, gerunds etc. It is not something that comes naturally. It is something that requires practice and is only acquired over a period of time.