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In Unit 3, I have learned the different theories, methods, and techniques of teaching. For example, some elicitation techniques are using real objects, flashcards, drawings, asking a question, fill in the gap sentences, lists, follow on questions, concept descriptions, mime, and definitions to engage the students. Engage, Study, Activate or \"ESA\" is considered the best methodology for new teachers and can be used in any order as long as all stages are present. In the engaging stage teachers often use games, pictures, stories, or music to get the kids excited about participating. In the study stage students will focus on language and how it is constructed. Worksheets are often given individually or in groups to help with vocabulary and sentence construction. The activate stage is where the students are encouraged to use any and all of the new language they know. Students may be asked to act out a dialogue, play communication games, have a group debate, or take part in story writing to demonstrate the knowledge they have learned.