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The English language is presented in four aspects future tenses: Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, the last two are used very rarely. Also about the future of the time in English the Present Continuous time will help you, which is necessary in case the action has already been planned in advance and will necessarily take place in the near future. But for presenting non-personal plans, and for any timetable, the program is suitable for a simple present time - Present Simple.As we can see from the above, this unit is about making lesson plans and exercises that the teacher can do with students to practice their vocabulary and drilling the grammar part. Some theorists suggest that lesson planing is not a good idea as it creates more fixed , teacher more centered lesson. It is true that too much lessons rather regrind and stop the teacher being flexible to the needs to the students. However, i think it is really important to have a lesson plan because it can help you to manage the class.