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Vocabulary is important to the students. When it comes to vocabulary students need to know the meaning, use, word grammar, interaction, spelling and pronunciation. We can apply the ESA method here. For the engage phase we can use realia, pictures, contrast, discussion and discovery. The study phase can consist of activities like gap-fill exercises, word searches, crosswords, example sentences etc. The activate phase includes activities like role-play, simulation, storybuilding, material production task and debate. When it comes to grammatical structures students need to know the meaning, use, forms and patterns and spoken and written form. For the engage phase we can use discussions, scenario building, prompting etc. For the study phase we can use intonation and pronunciation patterns etc. The activate phase includes communication games, role-play etc. Teaching language functions is important as well. Language functions include areas such as inviting, refusing, agreeing and disagreeing etc. This requieres more activation of language.