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I found this unit to be much easier as I struggle sometimes with the grammar. I have addressed this as one of my weaknesses and continue to work on it. I really enjoy learning about how a good lesson should be structured and what it should contain. I found that when I was at school, a lot of my teachers broke most of these rules as they just did what they saw fit, regardless of whether it was right. With proper techniques, I feel that I will be able to keep students interested and eager to learn.This unit is centered around the use of conditional tenses. Conditional tense is made with \"if\" or \"when\" followed by two verbs at least, which are in a specific tense. A phrase in a conditional form is composed by 2 parts, each of them with a verb, as the one part puts the condition and the other explains the consequences that might follow. According to the tense of the verbs in both parts of the phrase conditional forms can be defined as zero, first, second, third, mixed conditional forms.