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In the first lesson it is important to establish a rapport. You can do this by getting to know the students and making them feel at ease. A few group games can \"break the ice\". Where there are differing levels in the class peer buddy system helps - a more advanced student working with a weaker student. Larger groups can be difficult so choral activities work well. So to, group work. Pair work helps those who are reluctant participants. It is also important to have additional activities ready for quick or early finishers.The receptive skills are listening and reading,learners do not need to produce language to do these, they receive and understand it. These skills are sometimes known as passive skills. They can be contrasted with the productive or active skills of speaking and writing.Receptive skills needs the support of productive skills.Reading and listening can be for entertainment,purpose. Eg In what way is reading a novel different to reading a recipe? How is listening to an announcement at an airport different to listening to a song?