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This unit is about the teaching productive skills - speaking and writing. These two skills are very important for the students to know, in order to be able to construct sentences and phrases correctly, be able to speak and write without mistakes, and correctly express their thoughts during speaking and writing. So, for a teacher, it is extremely important to know in details how to create a lesson and teach the students in an appropriate way, taking into advance all stages of a lesson, such as Engage , Study, Activate.In this chapter we learned about the different types of tools that can be used in the classroom. The most important note I noticed was to make sure you know how to properly use all equipment, especially electronics. It is important to know how all the buttons work and all relevant settings. Next, it is important to also have a back up lesson plan just in case any of the electronics have any errors. Teaching aids can also be found in the form of worksheets and books. These will help the best with teaching grammar.