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'Lesson planning' talks about what a lesson plan is, what it needs to contain, how to write one and why making a lesson plan is important. It tells you clearly that making a lesson plan is not only important because it provides you with an oversight of the lesson beforehand and during the lesson but also because it's an important tool for improving your own teaching skills by including your own aims within the lesson plan. The fact that the type of lesson plan demonstrated here also includes anticipated problems and solutions for them is completely new for me and I find it very interesting and useful. By including this and giving feedback on it afterwards it can be a very strong tool for a teacher to get a good and objective insight/overview where and why (s)he keeps on running into the same 'problematic' situations. By having a written report one can reflect, take out the solutions that didn't work, and get better in control of one's own abilities and weaknesses as a teacher. I'm surely going to include it in my future lesson plans!