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This unit reviewed conditionals and reported speech in English, both of which are very confusing concepts, even to a native speaker like myself. Then again, I think that conditionals can be a confusing concept in any language. When I was learning Spanish, conditionals were probably the hardest grammar concept to grasp. Though it may be hard, the many examples of how to practice them will help when doing lesson plans for conditionals. The rules for reported speech, on the other hand, seem to be a bit inconsistent with what I would say naturally. While the unit gives good rules for what could be correct, I think there are multiple ways to say reported speech and it still be correct, especially when it comes to the prepositional phrases 'tomorrow', 'this day', etc. It seems to me that the reported speech form would be dependent on when the person is reporting the speech. Regardless, the unit does provide some good rules, though it seems to me that higher level classes may need more details to sound more like a native speaker of English.