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Unit 19 covered dynamics of different types of groups of students and provided suggestions for how to approach teaching and classroom management for some groups that do not fit the average student profile. The unit listed specific issues that some groups face, such as a lack of exposure to English for some older learners, or classroom disciplinary problems for some younger learners. The content also drilled into possible causes of some issues that learners face, such as trouble home life, or simple boredom - and covered which issues the teacher is and is not able to influence.Unit 6 discussed past tenses, and reinforced the information that was taught in present tenses. It's going to be important for me to remember the trends each form has, for example; continuous forms always have 'to be' and '-ing' forms of the verb. It is useful to know that these trends stay true throughout past and present tenses, and will remain into future tenses. It is important to know the common mistakes for the unit, like the confusion of past simple and past continuous, because I can prepare myself ahead of time for student mistakes and I'll know what to watch out for.