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In the first video, the teacher didn't plan the lesson, he looked serious and distant, he avoided answering the student's questions and he seated 3 times , even taking a book. The second video was different, the teacher had a positive attitude, smiled, knew the student's name and taught the lesson getting good participation. The difference between one class and another is very evident. The attitude of the teacher towards the students made the difference in the participation of the classes. I can identificate each phase of the class and how to connect them.In this unit we studied different aspects of teaching and learning. First we looked at the roles of the teacher and the learner, adult learner in specific. Then we considered the pros and cons in teaching individuals and got some good ideas for teaching groups with different levels of language which was specially helpful for me. We also went through the four basic skills that the students should be practicing during the lessons. In the end we went through some of the teaching methodology used in language learning and got a short revision of the ESA-method.