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In this unit I've learnt the different roles a teacher has in class, ranging from an organisor to a participator, as well as what makes a good learner. The role of a teacher varies greatly and it is important to note how a teacher not only needs to have excellent organisational skills in order to run a class smoothly, but also needs to be able to participate in the class and gage the students' levels in order for the students to be able to learn as efficiently as possible. The unit also briefly discussed the differences between Adult Learners and Young Learners and the qualities of successful learners. There are many different factors which influence students' learning ability, including learning experience, motivation and so on. Culture also plays a role in the students' learning experience, which is important to remember as a foreign language or second teacher, because the culture affects the way in which a student will study and participate in class, as well as potential second language acquisition problems which may arise.