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When dealing with students who overwhelm the class and consequently overrule the teacher, I find it difficult to correct the situation in some cases. With younger students, or people near my own age, there isn't much resistance to the changes I would like to make. The trouble comes usually when I am hired for a class that has be already set up and gone through other teachers, in which the students are all retirees. Many of the older, more well-spoken students are extremely resistant to backing off and letting the teacher lead or even letting the lesser skilled students join in. In such cases, I feel very redundant and it's a stressful work environment for me. I understand that people taking this course will be in many cultures, with different ages and personalities, with many different guidelines provided by the company, but if the section on discipline was a little more specific on how to deal with situations, i.e. give situational examples, I think it would be easier to grasp and give prospective teachers something to work with.