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Unit 8 is very good to review the Tenses system. I could see and practice the several tenses from present tense , continuous action in the present past and future, as well future structures and how they work together. I learned how to display activities for my students according to the usages. Also, I could see the typical mistakes and errors are easy do because the use of present tense for example with the future application. There is confusion but I learned If we have very clear when use certain structure We will get the proper future grammar structure.This unit was really interesting as it described all different types of teaching English to different students' groups. Starting from tips what we need to know when teaching beginners or children or business language either teaching in groups or individually. Given list of 1-1 activities as a guide, appreciate this information. Teaching children seems very interesting section and I personally would like to go deeper in to this category. Thank you for giving example of 'Needs Analysis\" which will give basic ideas how to create your own and what to include.