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This unit has given me a lot more idea of how a proper classroom should be managed. There are several different kinds of set up that can be done to help create the effectiveness for both the students as well as the teacher. Moreover, the talk time can play a major role in gaining attention from students and as for too much talk time could distract the students easily. Therefore, it is very important to balance out the situation and understand the necessity of talk time and time to observe the students and allowing them to share their ideas among the class.How to teach vocabulary... How to introducing grammatical structures .. Teaching language functions.. Boomerang ESA structure.. Straight Arrow ESA structure.. Patchwork ESA structure.. Some key features that help the teacher to teach the students the Vocabulary , grammatical stutures and language functions for example : Enhances memory of grammar structures through full-color photos. Clear, easy-to-understand lesson format integrates practice of the rules of essential English grammar (form) with a sense of when to apply them and what they mean (function).