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In this unit, I learned about conditionals and reported speech. After studying this unit, I can see that both conditionals and reported speech must be very difficult subjects for those learning English. There are many different forms of conditionals, and when reporting speech many changes occur. This seems to be a more advanced subject than learning present verb tenses or pronouns. A teacher must take great care to help his or her students to learn these subjects well with all of their intricacies.This was an extremely interesting lesson. I enjoyed it very much. I found it exciting to learn how a lesson plan is structured, as well as all the details that go into a lesson plan. My one concern, however, as stated in the lesson, is figuring out the timing involved for each phase of the lesson. I am worried that I may under estimate the time it takes to complete a phase, which then would lead to the lesson not being completed in time, and the students may think that I don't know what I am doing.