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In today's lesson we learned about phonetics and phonology. We began with a brief introduction on pronunciation, then discussed various topics relating to phonology and intonation. We continued by covering the importance of stressed and unstressed syllables, sound joining, linked speech, the phonetic alphabet, phonemic symbols, articulation (including biology of the throat and which parts are used with various syllables). Finally, we finished the unit with teaching techniques (when to teach pronunciation within our lessons and ways to teach the pronunciation of individual sounds).Deciding on using text books, or other materials, or combination of these in a class will probably become very real right at the beginning, whenever we start teaching. It is good to get to know this overview of possibilities, advantages and disadvantages. One personal experience - I used to work at a school where students did not have a course book, they were given xeroxed materials etc.. It was not ideal, as the students did not see the continuity, most of them did not keep their materials organized enough to go back to certain topics. I would definitely not recommend this style.