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Unit 17 introduce me to the equipment and teaching aids that a teacher can use up to for her/his effective teaching career.Modern equipment really makes our task easier like those teaching aids and equipment.It help the teacher in delivering his/her lesson in a manner that students will easily understand it.By using these equipment a teacher can maximize her/his time in class but of course teacher should not forget his/her back up plan for a machine no matter how advance it is there is always instances that it fail.In this unit, I learned a lot about how the teacher has influence on the class he or she is teaching thanks to video lessons who demonstrated a not so good and a really good lesson about the same material. I saw a live version of how important it is to be smiling and engaging in the classroom and come into the lesson with a positive attitude. I showed the difference that our attitude as a teacher can have on the students and how it can affect directly the way the students will want to participate or not to a lesson.