TESOL Jobs Bataan Mariveles

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I believe that I benefitted from all of the information in this unit. I learned specific strengths especially for being a teacher but also in the different strengths between adult and child students. It helped me to learn specific differences in the various stages of learner and language proficiencies that I know will be beneficial in the future when helping students progress in their English learning as well as in assessments and evaluations of the students abilities. This unit also increased my awareness in things I need to learn to teach well, specifically in getting many varied and interesting activities and ways of teaching to keep the students motivated and hold their interest and attention. I also learned that I need to learn and obtain practical experience in working with many different students in order to know when to actively instruct, when to correct, when to provide activities for self learning or group experiences and when it is best for me to simply observe, listen and encourage. Thank you for this information.