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A.B . – Germany said:
In this lesson I became aware that a course book, while having several advantages, have an increasing number of inherent disadvantages that need to be considered. By using the four mentioned tactics of omit, replace, supplement, and adapt, students will not feel like the teacher is becoming complacent or lazy in the administering of the dictation of the course book's agenda. This is important for several reasons, but I will point out two. Firstly, students can become easily bored by the predictable nature of a course book. Especially if the course book wasn't properly chosen for the level of the students, or if the course book didn't come with ancillary materials to help keep the work engaging. Secondly, the course book is expensive, and so institutions are going to want to use them for as long as possible. This will make the material less relevant every year it is recycled in the curriculum. A proficient teacher will supplement a course book with relevant material, choosing between created and authentic materials that meet the interests of the students in a particular class.