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Phonology is the study and classification of the physical properties of sounds. Intonation is basically the variation in volum and pitch in a whole sentence. The normal pattern of intonation is rise/fall. If the fall/rise pattern is applied, then the one who talks is waiting for a respond. Stress is the strong part of the sentence or word. In the sentence it is used to indicate actual word. One word has only one stress. We can only stress syllables, not individual vowels or consonants.It is more and more obvious that a good teacher needs interpersonal skills and good qualities to manage his class and succeed.The attitude of teacher influences the attitude of the students. A good teacher is the one who cares about his teaching and the learning of the students.Now I realized that a lesson plan is very important to understand the learners, their needs and the strategies to achieve all the adjectives. During the class, a real relationship with the students is necessary.